Detoxing From The Outside In

When we think of “detoxing”, we usually think of a cleanse or elimination diet to help remove unwanted toxins from our system.

But did you know that your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs whatever you put on it?  So, when it comes to living a clean and healthy lifestyle, what you put on your body is just as significant as what you put in your body.  

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health looked into the skin’s absorption rates of chemicals found in drinking water. It showed that the skin absorbed an average of 64% of total contaminant dosage. Other studies found the face to be several times more permeable than broad body surfaces and an absorption rate of 100% for underarms and genitalia. And another study showed 100% absorption for fragrance ingredients. It is easy to see that what we use on our skin ends up inside our bodies!

So it is important to pay close attention to the ingredients in our skin care products. The majority of mainstream body care products contain a cocktail of chemicals, allergens, and irritants. If the products you use contain harmful ingredients such as harsh, toxic chemicals, colors, and fragrances, those ingredients make their way into your body, your blood and lymphatic system, so make sure you are using a clean skin care line.

There are skin and body care products available that are not only free of harmful ingredients but also help assist your body’s detox process. Here are a few of my favorite!

Rescue & Renew Detox Bath Soak. A bath is a great way to allow your skin to open and release toxins. These quick-dissolving sea-salt crystals transform a warm bath into a soothing, pampering, skin detox experience that’s safe for all skin types (including sensitive). Infused with pure aromatic essential oils along with Turmeric, Dandelion and Ginger Root Extracts to help remove surface impurities, you’ll emerge with clean, soft, healthier-looking skin. Dermatologist, allergy, and gynecologically tested. 

Clarifying Detox Mask. Great to apply before getting in the bath and let it work it’s magic while you’re soaking! This silky, vegan whipped black clay mask contains Kaolin Clay that soaks up dirt and impurities on the surface of your skin and Activated Charcoal Powder derived from vegetables provides gentle exfoliation. Excess oil and sebum are visibly removed, giving the illusion of smaller pores, all without stripping the skin of moisture.  

You can use this vegan rinse-off clay mask just a few times a week or whenever you want to clarify and detoxify your skin through cleansing and reveal clean, brighter-, smoother-looking results. Ideal for oily skin but great for all skin types — even sensitive! Dermatologist-tested.

Rescue & Renew Detox Wash. Refresh, rejuvenate, repeat. Designed to help revive lackluster skin, this body wash is formulated with aromatic essential oils plus skin-conditioning Alfalfa and Chicory Root Extracts that work together to cleanse, hydrate and detox surface impurities. Offering a boost for the look of skin clarity and brightness, it helps enhance the skin’s smoothness and softness with every shower. Dermatologist-tested.

Rescue & Renew Detox Gelee. This cooling, hydrating gel does it all thanks to moisturizing Shea Butter and Green Algae as well as Caffeine for brightening benefits, and a hand-picked blend of pure, aromatic essential oils to promote feelings of peace and balance. It also works to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier as it provides a cooling sensation on contact — and it’s ideal for all skin types (including sensitive). Dermatologist-tested.

I love helping people look and feel their best! If you have any questions about clean skin and body care please reach out.


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