Facial Treatments For A Spring Glow

As spring approaches we start to freshen up our look. The same goes for our skin! We start to spend more time outside, wear less make up and want our skin to look clear, fresh, and have a healthy glow.

There are many wonderful products available that can help get our skin ready for spring. Today, I’m sharing my favorite masks and treatment products that I use to help my skin transition the seasons beautifully year after year.

Radiance Sheet Mask with Niacinamide

Designed to hydrate, smooth, replenish and enhance radiance, each sheet mask is infused with 1 fl. oz. of serum featuring vegan ingredients like moisture barrier-supporting Niacinamide and comforting Cucumber Fruit and Birch Leaf Extracts that work to enhance brightness and tone. Combined with AlgaeFirming Complex of Algae Extract, Vitamin C and Ginseng Root that wakes up dull, tired-looking or aging skin through intense hydration, this mask delivers a radiant finish. Good for all skin types. 

Cell Renewing Face Mask with Fruit Acids and AHAs

A powerful formula that removes dull, dead surface skin cells and minimizes the look of pores. Our lightweight mask is formulated with Alpha- and Beta-Hydroxy Acids and Pineapple and Papaya enzymes for gentle exfoliation. Sustainable Orange Stem Cell Extract and Brown Algae Extract help the formula smooth the look of wrinkles through moisturization to deliver an enhanced appearance of elasticity and firmness to all skin types.

Cell Exfoliating Mask + Cleanser with Bamboo

This super thick clay mask works as both an exfoliating mask and a cleanser with deep cleaning power to stand up against clogged pores and grimy skin. It’s formulated with a triple threat of ingredients: Exfoliating Bamboo Powder helps remove dead skin cells and deliver glowing skin, French Clay draws out dirt and impurities on the skin supporting a gentle cleanse, while plant-derived Mondo Grass Root Extract helps the formula ensure your skin is replenished with moisture. Spread this exfoliating clay mask/cleanser over wet skin and work it into a massage before rinsing whenever you need an extra deep clean for clogged pores. It’ll leave your skin looking smooth, hydrated, soft, and radiant — just as it should be. Ideal for all skin types. 

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