Which Protein Should I Choose?

In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, proper nutrition plays a vital role. As people become more conscious of what they consume, protein shakes have emerged as a great choice for supplementing their daily nutrient intake. 

Protein shakes offer a convenient and efficient way to supplement your protein intake. They provide a quick and easily digestible source of protein, making them an excellent option for busy individuals, athletes, and those seeking to manage their weight. Moreover, protein shakes can be customized to meet your specific dietary needs and fitness goals, ensuring that you receive the right amount of protein without excess calories.

Among the various options available, pea protein stands out as a top choice for many reasons. Here’s why it stands out:

  1. Complete Amino Acid Profile: Pea protein is considered a high-quality plant-based protein due to its rich amino acid profile. It contains all nine essential amino acids that your body cannot produce on its own, making it comparable to animal-based proteins.
  2. Digestibility: Unlike some other plant-based protein sources, such as soy, pea protein is easily digestible and less likely to cause digestive discomfort. This makes it an ideal option for individuals with sensitive stomachs.
  3. Allergen-Friendly: Pea protein is naturally free from common allergens like dairy, soy, and gluten, making it an excellent choice for people with dietary restrictions or allergies.
  4. Sustainability: Peas are nitrogen-fixing plants, meaning they naturally enrich the soil with nutrients. This reduces the need for excessive fertilizers, making pea protein a more environmentally friendly option compared to some animal-based proteins.
  5. Weight Management: Pea protein has been shown to help with weight management by promoting feelings of fullness and aiding in appetite control. It can be an invaluable tool for those seeking to lose or maintain weight.
  6. Heart Health: Pea protein is naturally low in saturated fat and cholesterol, making it a heart-healthy choice. It has also been associated with modest reductions in blood pressure levels.

I incorporate a pea protein shake into my regimen every day. Arbonne’s protein is my favorite! Click here for some of my favorite protein shake recipes. Arbonne has 3 formulas and each has additional benefits to choose from. Read on to learn which would be the best choice for you…

FeelFit Pea Protein Shake

This delicious vegan protein shake is designed to help satisfy hunger, support muscles, overall health, energy, and well-being. Clinically tested and certified to have a lower glycemic index (which shows that it has little effect on blood sugar levels and does not cause a significant spike in blood sugar*), each tasty protein shake is packed with 20 grams of easy-to-digest protein derived from Peas, Cranberries, and Rice. With a blend of 24 vitamins and minerals (including methylated forms of vitamin B12 and folate), think of these great-tasting vegan protein shakes as an easy choice that’s beneficial for your body! Formulated without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, dairy, soy, or gluten, these are perfect for almost everyone! 

FeelFit Pea Protein Shake Simply1

If keeping sugar low and motivation high is your goal, this vegan shake mix is keto-friendly and has less than 1 g of sugar and 3 g of carbs per serving. It features 23 vitamins and minerals including methylated forms of Vitamin B12 and Folate, and 20 g of easy-to-digest vegan protein from Peas, Cranberries, and Rice to help you feel full and support muscles. Simply1 uses the latest innovation in natural sweeteners with a sustainably and ethically sourced 3rd Generation Stevia extracted from the stevia leaf. Formulated without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, dairy, or soy. And it’s gluten-free.

EssentialMeal Meal Replacement Protein Shake

If you’re looking for a well-balanced meal replacement shake, check out this new kid on the block! Featuring a superblend of macronutrients, 24 g of vegan protein with 9 essential amino acids, carbs for energy, and healthy fats, this nutrition-packed vegan meal replacement shake makes it easy to support a healthy weight and lean physique. 24 g of protein, Avocado Oil, a NEW robust protein blend with Pea, Hemp Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Quinoa, and Rice Protein fuels your body and satisfies hunger. One shake a day to help maintain weight, two shakes a day to help lose weight! Formulated without artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, dairy, soy, or gluten.

If you have any questions about any of these formulas or what would be best for you, please reach out, I am always happy to help!


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